We are based in beautiful Steamboat Springs Colorado. Our principals moved here to take advantage of all that Northwest Colorado has to offer to us and our families. We recognize that we live in an amazing, aspirational place. There are many bright, talented people who have followed their own path to be able to live here. There is an abundance of people who possess the skills, ideas and passion needed to start and grow successful businesses.
However in small communities it can be difficult to match those people with the capital and technical sophistication needed to take those business to the next level of growth and profitability. Our mission is to provide these entrepreneurs with the capital and technology resources they need through direct investment from our firm as well as partnering with other local Angel investors.


Chris Montgomery
Founder & Managing Director
Chris, who grew up in Steamboat Springs, is serial entrepreneur who began his career founding a software and consulting company in Austin Texas in the late 1990s. For the last 12 years he has started multiple real estate firms focusing on distressed real estate in Central Texas and Western Colorado. He currently runs a multi-million dollar real estate investment portfolio focused on acquiring residential and commercial real estate throughout the Western Slope. His experience in founding an investing in businesses led him to found Four Points Funding in order to take an active role in helping businesses succeed in Western Colorado.
Shawn Bertini
Director of Technology
Shawn is a father of two and husband to a loving wife. He relishes creating things physically and virtually. To Shawn, writing code is thrilling in the same way as building a bridge or enjoying an epic bike ride.  Shawn is a hands-on technology executive with a background that is broad and deep enough to tackle any challenge, technical or personal (or personnel). 
Amanda Montgomery
Managing Director
Amanda and her husband Chris have lived in Steamboat for the past 4 years with their 4 children.  They moved from Austin where they lived for the previous 20 years.  Amanda worked as a programmer for 15 years and now enjoys teaching coding and robotics to local students at all levels within Steamboat Springs.  When she is not geeking out on computers and making she enjoys running and biking and paddle boarding with her kids.
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